Sarah Scott-Brandt — born in her aunt's house on Pleasant Street in Grand Rapids, 1975 — is a local printmaker, artist, and mother. She graduated from the University of Toledo with a BFA in printmaking and photography, and has yearly exhibits around town. Her work shows strong attention to detail and thoughtful use of repetition.


  • Known for her sailor's tongue, she earned the nickname "Swearah" probably as early as 7th grade.
  • Also nicknamed "SARS" due to the stunning similarities between the name "Sarah" and the name of the famous pneumonia-like epidemic from 2002.

Musical endeavors

Scott-Brandt was a songwriter, singer, bassist, and drummer in The Sewing Terrorists. She also was a principal songwriter, vocalist, drummer, and bassist in Launch Of The Ultra Spider, and played glockenspiel for a brief period in Bunkbed Nights.

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