Teazer's Bar and Grille is a bar and restaurant owner by Bill Anderson located in the Belknap Lookout Neighborhood of Grand Rapids.


Teazer's is located at [[address:=819 Ottawa Avenue NW]]. Geographic coordinates are 42.976987° N, 85.67032° WLatitude: 42°58′37.153″N
Longitude: 85°40′13.152″W

Unique attributes

  • Teazer's is a biker bar, and many menu items bear motorcycle-themed names. While nice weather brings out bikers to Teazer's on any night, Wednesday night is Teazer's designated Bike Night to coincide with Blues on the Mall, during the summer.
  • Many say that Teazer's has the best hamburgers in Grand Rapids.
  • Teazer's has live music every Friday and Saturday night (booked by Michael Landon).
  • Teazer's hosts pool leagues.

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