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The Meanwhile Bar is located at [[address:=1005 Wealthy Street SE]] in the East Hills neighborhood. It was established in October of 2007 and is owned and operated by the sibling-pair of Jeff and Tami Vandenberg. Dave Kirchgessner was previously a partner, but was no longer involved by the time the bar finally opened. The Meanwhile is located in the former site of Two Stans Bar. The Meanwhile's signature drinks are the Vern Ehlers and Black Label. It is known for it's excellent indie rock juke box, free popcorn, three science-fiction themed pinball machines (Star Wars, Star Trek, and Starship Troopers), and black and red motif.


The art on the walls include pieces by Jeff Vandenberg, telling the story of the epic war between the dinosaurs and the robots. Other works include screenprint posters for local indie rock concerts and works by Alison Jones, Michelle Froh, Marc Paffi, Anneka, Alynn Guerra, Aaron Adams, Kertis Lytle, Nate Baker, as well as several prints by the Marushka company. Also worth mentioning is the presence of the full-size adult stuffed Hammerhead Shark that hangs above the bar. It's name is Greg, and is named for Greg Devries who loaned the specimen to the bar.


The Meanwhile sponsored movies at the Wealthy Theater started in September 2008 and are still going. so far the movies that have been played include: Repoman, Warriors, The Dark Crystal, Heavy Metal, Gremlins, The Thing, American Werewolf In London, Creepshow, Scarface, Rushmore, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Labyrinth, Being John Malkovich, Legend, Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, Wild At Heart, Neverending Story, A Fish Called Wanda, Beetlejuice, Bottle Rocket, Clash Of The Titans, Road Warrior, Enter the Dragon, Royal Tenenbaums, Monty Python's Meaning of Life, Goonies


The Meanwhile has monthly fundraisers for many of the Vandenberg's favorite nonprofit organizations. past events have raised money for East Hills Neighborhood Assoication, The DAAC, The Bloom Collective, and Grand Raggidy Rollergirls

Michigan Focus

The Meanwhile has made a large effort to celebrate Grand Rapids & Michigan and is a member of the West Michigan chapter of Local First.

  • Of the eight beers on tap, 7 are made in Michigan.
  • 2 vodkas from Michigan are served, Divine & True North
  • There is an organic hard cider from Michigan, J.K. Scrumpy's
  • Red and white wines from Michigan are served
  • Michigan: America's High Five t-shirts are sold
  • A t-shirt with the Grand Rapids seal containing the motto, Motu Viget
  • The beer garden features a brick mosaic in the shape of the Lower Peninsula
  • The jukebox contains music from a number of local bands
  • The majority of the art on the walls, as well as all the paintings on the picnic tables in the beer garden, are from Grand Rapids & Michigan artists
  • The jukebox includes several Grand Rapids & Michigan bands


The Meanwhile is known for a wide variety of specials, particularly those involving beer:

By day


  • $1 bottles of Old Style until Midnight


  • $3.00 Pitchers of PBR until Midnight


  • 75 cent Black Label cans & $3 Long Islands until Midnight


  • $2 glasses of house wine, Half off all glasses of wine until Midnight


  • $2 well drinks until Midnight
  • $3 Short/$4 Tall Vern Ehlers (Jameson & Vernors)

Happy Hour Specials

Happy Hour Every Day

  • $1 off all Michigan Products!!!

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