Tusch Brothers' Cincinnati Brewery, 1892
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Advertisement for Cincinnati Brewery, c. 1890
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Kossuth Tusch, c. 1888
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Frederick Tusch, 1895
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The Tusch Brothers' Cincinnati Brewery was a brewery that operated in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1878 - 1893.


Kossuth Tusch and Adolph Goetz, a former brewmaster at  the Kusterer Brewing Company's City Brewery, established the Cincinnati Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1878.  The Brewery was located at 208 Grandville Avenue.  Goetz soon sold his interest in the new brewery to Kossuth's brother Frederick Tusch.  The brewery's name referred to the high quality beer being produced in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.[1]  Like most of the breweries in Grand Rapids at the time, the Cincinnati primarily brewed a type of lager beer especially favored by the city's growing German-American population.  Advertisements show they also brewed an Export Pilsener.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company Consolidation

The Cincinnati Brewery operated independently until 1893, when it became one of the six breweries which consolidated to form the Grand Rapids Brewing Company.  Frederick Tusch became the Secretary of the new Grand Rapids Brewing Company.

In 1893, these six Grand Rapids Breweries consolidated to form the Grand Rapids Brewing Company.

  1. Kusterer Brewing Company's City Brewery
  2. George Brandt and Company's Union Brewery
  3. Frey Brothers' Coldbrook Brewery
  4. Veit and Rathman's Eagle Brewery
  5. Tusch Brothers' Cincinnati Brewery
  6. Adolph Goetz's National Brewery


1. Wilhelm W. Seeger.  The Braumeisters of Old Grand Rapids.  Grand River Valley Review, Volume VIII, Number 1. 1988

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