Reelin' for Research

Reelin' for Research is an annual fishing tournament in Morehead, NC that is put on by the Montana Family and friends. The purpose of this event is to raise donations year round to benefit the UNC Children's Hospital in their efforts to fight childhood cancer. The event is publicized across the Triad area, but has a reach that extends much further. Over the years, the awareness of this event has grown astronomically and has gained support from many businesses across the Triad. 

As a non-profit organization, Reelin' for Research has done a fantastic job bringing the community together to support such a great cause. 2019 will be Reelin' for Research's 11th annual event and is expected to be  the best year yet. In 2018, the event generated over $600,000 in donations to help the cause. They are expected to attain even more contributions as the organization progresses and grows in the upcoming years.

Donations are available all year long and open to anyone who would like to contribute to the cause!



Date of Event: May 3-4

Contact Information:

Reelin’ for Research

1852 Banking Street #9333
Greensboro, NC 27408