The Corner Farmers Market is a year-round market for farmers, artisans, and bakers to sell their products in the community. It originally started in 2013 with three local farmers that wanted to create a small neighborhood market to sell their produce and goods. This eventually brought other groups into the mix that have started programs to maintain and improve the market. Over time the market has grown to between 30-40 vendors depending on the season. 

Connection to the Community

The Green for Greens project is a program present at both The Corner Farmers Market and The Grove Street People’s Market that has a mission to fight food insecurity. This program helps those in the community who receive SNAP/EBT to double their money and be able to buy more food at the market. This process is done through donations and fundraising providing the funds to match the amount of money a family has available to spend with their SNAP/EBT card. Also many of the vendors participate in this program. 

The Market Experience

The market offers many different types of vendors and products along with the warmth of a friendly community environment. Many of the vendors feel closely connected as according to the owner of a stand called The Bagel Guy. He mentioned that participating in the Green for Greens project makes him feel like he is doing something good for his community.

The market includes vendors such as 

  • Faucette Farms and Coltrane Farms - fresh produce
  • KW Homestead - poultry and duck eggs
  • Elam Gardens - canned goods and fresh herbs
  • Red Dragon Delights - knitted or crocheted items and sweets
  • Donna’s Delights - handmade soaps and other hygiene items 

Unfortunately the website is not updated to include many of the other great vendors! These would have to seen in person although some of the vendors are not present every week.


Hours & Address

The Corner Farmers market is open on Saturdays until noon and located at 2200 Walker Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403 in the Sticks and Stones parking lot.