Very little is know about The Children's Shop, other than what this Advertisement Blotter says.  It does say that it is "Opposite Hotel Saranac" that would date it sometime after 1927.  It really wasn't opposite Hotel Saranac though, it was diagonal to it.  

The shop was located in the Berkeley House. On that page (in this HSL wiki), there is an article from the Adirondack Record - Elizabethtown Post dated January 8, 1925 titled "BERKELEY HOUSE IS GUTTED BY FIRE New Year's Day Blaze Practically Wipes Out Saranac Lake Tubercular Resort".  The article mentions several of the shops located in the Berkeley House that suffered heavy water damage. The article mentions the children's shop but in lower case.  Most likely the reporter probably thought it was a description of the shop, not realizing that this was indeed its name.

Courtesy of Leslie Hoffman's Collection