Think you got what it takes to edit in these here parts?

Of course you do! Just follow these simple guidelines...

Write fact as fact.

"Mayor Serge is one of our local surfers."

Write opinion as opinion.

"I think Mayor Serge is an excellent water man. I've seen him rip during gnarly swells!"

Absolutely NO promotional language.

You can be like: "IB is a beautiful city...the green flash at sunset is breathtaking!" Just don't be like: "IB is an up-and-coming tourist destination, with world-renowned shops like [my shop]."

Respect copyright.

"Hey Jeff, could I use one of your photos for the wiki?" "Sure, just make sure to credit me!" "OK!"

Be respectful.

Use your best judgment. Agree to disagree, mind people's privacy, use respectful language.

Be bold.

See something that's incorrect, needs work, or doesn't follow these guidelines? You have the power to change it!

*Have fun!*

This is not a true "encyclopedia" like Wikipedia. You're allowed to be funny, celebrate the weird, and just be yourself.

Spread the word.

The more people who edit the wiki, the more interesting and helpful it will be for everyone!

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