The grunion run! An IB tradition! Bring your bucket and a light. Here is some information care of the Port District...

RULES (must read)

  • During open season, a California fishing license is REQUIRED for people 16 years of age or older.
  • Grunions may be taken by hand ONLY.
  • You CANNOT digs holes in the beach to catch them.
  • There is no bag limit, but please take ONLY the fish you can use--it is unlawful and unethical to waste fish.

2015 Schedule

  • Note: Where the time of expected run is after midnight, the date of the night before is shown.
  • Protip: These hours show high tide, when it's more likely that the grunions will beach. There are usually more during the second hour, and the best run is usually during the 2nd and 3rd nights of the 4-night period. ;]


Date Day Time
7 Saturday 10:09pm-12:09am
8 Sunday 11:36pm-1:36am
9 Monday 12:04am-2:04am
10 Tuesday 12:38am-2:38am
22 Sunday 11:37pm-1:37am
23 Monday 12:21am-2:21am
24 Tuesday 1:11am-3:11am
25 Wednesday 2:15am-4:15am






Date Day Time
4 Thursday 10:51pm-12:51am
5 Friday 11:35pm-1:35am


Date Day Time


Date Day Time