November 2014, by Jay Freeman (CC BY-SA)

IV Deli Mart is a convenience store that sells snacks and drinks, in addition to having a kitchen that makes a variety of Mediterranean and American food. They used to be next door, in a much smaller location.

Soon after moving to their current location was the 2014 Isla Vista Tragedy, with two people shot and killed in front of the IV Deli Mart. A service was convened in front of the establishment, with a memorial still standing. Account of Shooting: IV Deli Mart Owner Michael Hassan.

This building in February 2012, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)

This was previously the location of the IV Bookstore, which was open for 47 years and closed in 2012 - "The building was constructed in 1965 to the specifications of the bookstore's original founder John Sakurai, and at least 12 other I.V. book-selling businesses have come and gone in that time."

The front of the building has a neat mid-century style patterned tile decoration:

October 2012, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)

Contact Information

6549 Pardall Road #C

Mon–Thu 7:00am–3:00am

Fri–Sat 7:00am–3:30am

Sun 8:00am–2:00am

(805) 562-8858
Michael Hassan