May 2017, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)

International Food Market at 6551 Trigo Road is often used as a liquor store, but in fact sells a variety of items. International Market has positive reviews on BeerAdvocate: "a great selection of Stone brews...Overall, nicer staff, fresher stock, and better domestics than its more-often-mentioned KNB cousin."


Yellowstone Clothing. From UCSB Special Collections: Isla Vista Archives, box 97.This storefront used to be Yellowstone Clothing, a vintage clothing shop founded by Stephanie and Paul Haugen in 1974 or 1976. They had a location downtown on State Street from 1982 to 2013.

The first store in Isla Vista to get a license to sell beer was SOS Liquor in December 1973, and stores weren't able to get licenses to sell wine and liquor until 1979.