February 2015, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)

There was a coin-operated, self-service car wash at 6584 Madrid, probably established in the 1960s or 1970s. The structure is still there, but now it's a bike shop called the Isla Vista Community Bike Center. It has a mural of an octopus by Meghan Hart.

The lot was last purchased for $400,000 in 2013. In 2015, the owners tried to sell it as a lot for housing development or hotel development for $750,000 or $875,000, with the following image of what the building could look like:

From the real estate listing

In 2015, the owners put a plan in front of the Santa Barbara County Board of Architectural Review (page 2) to convert the car wash into three kitchens made of shipping containers, but the board didn't like the plan. They asked for significant modifications and further review.

September 2009, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)

In 1970, by C. Ray Varley. From UCSB Library Special Collections: C. Ray Varley papers; Series III:  Isla Vista, U.S.A. and Photography; Box 4-5 (Smaller format photographs of IV (unnumbered), ca. 1970)