The Faux-Op (fake co-op) is a large rented house that is run as a cooperative house, separate from the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op system. It once hosted Bean Nights (weekly open mic night with music, readings, and other performances) and is currently looking for performers to help restart the tradition.

A short documentary from May 2016 about the Faux-Op:

The Faux houses roughly 20 awesome individuals from all over the world. We have housemates of various ages (18 - 30), backgrounds, identities, ethnicities, all pursuing different things (UC students, SBCC students, and others working full-time). We hang out as a community often, and coordinate events with other co-ops and local groups.

The Faux has; a garden (we grow some of our own food), a projection screen for movies, a die table, balconies (and a hammock), a fire pit, and a Washer and Dryer (not coin-operated! We like to brag about it)

We only have a few rules:

- Respect others' sexual identity, religion, and core values (in general just be a decent human).

- Everyone gets a chore. . (ex: cooking, food shopping, cleaning, etc.)

- House meetings every other Sunday (this is where we discuss things like rent, chores, any ideas to better the house, etc.)

Anyone interested in joining the co-op can watch the UCSB Free and For Sale page, or FB Marketplace, for ads posted randomly throughout the year when we have a vacancy. The highest move-in availability is is June.

More about Bean Night: