April 2013, by markbrocher (CC BY-NC)

Long before 6547 Pardall Road became Wildside Smoke Shopit hosted the Isla Vista Foot Patrol for a while.

Photo of former Isla Vista Foot Patrol station, 1973

In about 1989, it became Emerald VideoPhoto of this corner in 2007 with Emerald Video. After being open for 19 years, Emerald Video closed in 2008 "due to the changing nature of the movie rental business".

Emerald Video was replaced with Midnight Muncheez in 2009 ("a late night food and party delivery service"), which was soon replaced with Hooteez Goodeez (a similar service that included a "Booty Call Special"). Then the smoke shop. As of 2023, the side of the building still has a sign for Hooteez Goodeez.

June 2023, by Britta Gustafson (CC BY-SA)