Duke & Ontario Street


The Duke Street parking garage was opened on June 14, 1968 as an attachment to Goudie's Department Store (now THEMUSEUM). It was built in partnership with Goudie's Department Store and the City of Kitchener. It is designed to hold 424 cars. When built it was estimated that the garage would need to hold 1800 cars a day to become profitable. In its first few months, it employed 9 people, including 4 hostesses who were employed during the summer months. 

The design was beyond the budget that the City of Kitchener could afford, and Goudie's department store invested in its construction.

Ad from Kitchener-Waterloo Record announcing the opening of the garage in 1968.

The opening of the garage was highly anticipated, with full-page ads in the The Record, including a contest where city residents could name the garage. Submitted names included the "Kitchener Platter", "Kitchener Collideoscope". It was briefly known as the ramp.

In 2011 artist Reece Terris proposed a project to the city. In his proposal he asked for all the lights in the parking garage to be temporarily replaced with red lights and slowly pulse. More information on the project is on CAFKA's website.

In 2012 the city held a controversial poll about repainting the garage. Colors included bright yellow and red. Members of the community who objected to the repaint argued that it would take away from the original design.