Picture of Victor Proscanu by Ruth Kinzie

Saddle up and prepare to loop out at the McLennan Bike Park- a specialized cycling facility geared to BMX and free-ride cyclists of all ages, unique in southwestern Ontario.

Located at McLennan Park (also knows as Mount Trashmore) on Ottawa Street South, our bike park features the following four dedicated bike courses, ranked appropriately - beginner, intermediate and advanced - based on skill level:

Jump Park (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

The jump park features three independent lines for riders of different skill levels. Each course has a series of dirt jumps and rollers. The advance run offers a grade change of 13m (43 ft.) and a run of 152m (500 ft.).

4X Course (Intermediate)

The 4X course is a race style course for use by BMX and mountain bike riders. The 279m (915 ft.) run offers a grade change of 28m (93 ft.), has a variety of jumps and banked corners and is designed for a maximum of 4 riders in a race format but can be enjoyed by individual riders.

Free-ride (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

The course features traditional West-Coast components such as skinnies, drop progressions, boulder gardens, a teeter totter and wall rides. The 183m (600 ft.) course runs through a small wooded area and offers a challenge for a range of users.

Pump Track (Beginner)

This 53m (176 ft.) circuit is an excellent area for novice riders to develop riding skills and features tight banked corners, rollers and table tops.

Bike Safety

The bike park has been constructed to meet the guidelines set out by the International Mountain Biking Association. Outside expert advice was brought in during both the design and construction phases of the park, ensuring the park provides a safe - yet challenging -- place to practise their skills and enjoy their hobby.