There are 19 city-owned neighbourhood tennis courts around the city.

Grab your racquet and a partner and work on that backhand. Whether it's a short lunch-hour set, or time to practice technique, there is likely a court nearby.

All courts are free and available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

We also offer tennis instruction including summer camps for kids and adult lessons.

·         Admiral Park , 93 Roxborough Ave.

·         Belmont Park, 285 Belmont Ave. W.

·         Budd Park, 1111 Homer Watson Blvd.

·         Kaufman Park, 104 Stirling Ave. S.

·         Heritage Park, 30 Halifax Dr.

·         Country Hills Park, 365 Country Hill Dr.

·         Eby Park, 137 Holborn Dr.

·         Forest Heights C.I., 255 Fischer Hallman Rd.

·         Franklin Park, 335 Franklin St N.

·         George Lippert Park, 200 Weber St W.

·         Glendale Park, 130 Glen Rd.

·         Highland Courts, 120 Highland Rd E.

·         Margaret Avenue, 325 Louisa St.

·         Montgomery Park, 135 Montgomery Rd.

·         Notre Dame School, 142 Rosemount Dr.

·         Stanley Park Senior Public School, 191 Hickson Dr.

·         Sunnyside Public School, 1042 Weber St E.

·         Weber Park, 380 Frederick St.