A well known scammer in Kitchener, she is perfectly able-bodied, and even drives a nice car but she pretends to be disabled in order to garner sympathy and panhandle off unsuspecting passers-by. The Hunchback Lady of Kitchener has been known to run her scam various places throughout Kitchener, she has even garnered enough attention to warrant a (since deleted) Facebook Page dedicated to raising awareness of her scam and taking photos of sightings, and even to this day garners numerous results on Google when searching up her moniker "The Hunchback Lady of Kitchener". 


With the most recent sightings of her being in 2020, it may be safe to say that she has finally given up her scamming for good, but the good people of Kitchener say The Hunchback Lady of Kitchener only lies in wait, for one day she will rise up again, crooked backed once more, and scam us all.