The Registry Theatre
122 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON N2H 2L9
Phone: (519) 745-6565      

The Registry Theatre's affordable and accessible rental rates are intended for local performance and community groups, as well as corporate clients. A showcase of Art Deco design, the theatre is air-conditioned, wheelchair-accessible and includes a 143-seat performance space that comes equipped with standard stage lighting and sound systems.

The list of uses for the theatre is almost endless:

  • Concerts*
  • Children's groups
  • Academic presentations
  • Conferences
  • Plays
  • Musicals
  • Recitals
  • Literary readings
  • If your idea isn't on this list, call us and we'll see if we can make it happen!*

Renting The Registry is like ordering from a caf? most items are ?la carte, and the theatre functions mostly on a n self-serve basis. We don't even insist you hire our crew or volunteers: you're more than welcome to bring in your own, and The Registry has information sheets for most positions in case you need help. Many groups can easily pay just the rental rate for the day they are in and not have to worry about any other costs.

The base rental rates for the theatre are:

Sun - Wed $240
Thurs - Sat $265
Weekly $1250 plus cleaning

Rent includes:

  • basic cleaning costs (except for weekly rentals: a cleaning schedule is set up as we get closer to your performance dates and charged separately)
  • a standard white-wash lighting plot, the lighting board and access to the lighting system
  • two speakers, the sound board and a snake at the back of the stage
  • use of the theatre auditorium, the lobby, the lobby fridge, the green room, and the rehearsal/dressing room (we do not take a cut on anything you wish to sell)
  • use of the theatre's LCD monitors so you can see what's going on on-stage when not in the theatre auditorium
  • one hour of instruction on how to use the theatre (if you plan to have lighting and sound effects that are more complex than on/off, you will be required to have qualified lighting and sound crew at your own expense)
  • access from 10:00 a.m. until midnight (on occasion, an earlier access time may be granted for an additional $40)

If you wish to rent additional equipment, please view our Price List For Rentals for more information and prices. The Registry Theatre is not licensed for the sale or service of alcohol. A renter who would like to sell or serve alcohol must obtain a Special Occasion Permit under the Liquor Licence Act or arrange for a licensed premises with a caterer's endorsement to sell or serve alcohol. In either case, insurance coverage will be required.

A $100 refundable security deposit will be retained by the theatre until the end of the Rental Period, and may be used at that time for extra cleaning, repairs or technical re-sets as are required. The deposit, less any additional charges, will be returned to you upon a satisfactory post-rental inspection.

At the End of Your Show

We do ask our renters to reset the theatre at night when they are done, take their garbage out to the back, and mop the stage. We have all the materials required for this. This drastically cuts your costs and keeps the theatre as inexpensive as possible, plus it helps get the theatre ready for the next group coming in the following day.

Box Office

Flexibility is key with The Registry Theatre: you're welcome to use your own ticketing system, or we can arrange for your tickets to be sold through the Centre in the Square box office up to the last business day before your performance. Using the Centre in the Square?s box office means:

  • professionally printed tickets
  • 40-58 hours of service throughout the week
  • your patrons/guests can use their credit cards to pay for advance tickets
  • much less money to handle and/or coordinate among your own ticket sellers/volunteers
  • the flexibility to sell tickets on your own, too, by having some printed up at The Registry
  • regular e-mails on how your ticket sales are doing

The cost for this service is 5% on sold tickets, i.e., you will not be charged for tickets that did not sell (this includes returned tickets taken on consignment to sell on your own).

Extra Help
If you do require extra help for your event, The Registry Theatre can arrange for a contract worker, e.g., a lighting and/or sound technician, for $15/hr. Please give us two weeks' notice.