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Once upon a time in the Tri-City Area of Southwestern Ontario, a roller derby team was born and they were named the Vicious Dishes. The Vicious Dishes (Vitiosus Bellus) are an uproarious lot, who travel in packs and have a tendency to hip check things that need not be hip checked (see: vending machines, skateless humans, any door ever) when frustrated, happy, excited or drunk. While sightings of these ferocious ladies are rare, search long and wide and you might just find them lurking around your local skate park at night, knocking you over in a mosh pit or spray painting inappropriate things about your mother on the wall of a dark alley. One thing is for certain with The Vicious Dishes – meeting them on the track will end in your total obliteration.



Back: Boss Applesauce, # 42 Meg N' Plead, #204 Motorhead Molly, #81 Guns 'n' Gams, #15 Cleothrashya, #D2 Bea Trix Mamba, # 9 Anita Martini, #00 Evil Liza, #10 Skate Pastor Front: #33 Suzy Slam, #19 Lippy Wrongstockings, #18 BareLeigh Legal, #306 sin-e-star, #101 Stacie Jones, #4i Jill Standing, #420 Sofanda Beatin, #952 Greta Garbage

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