A Small Cinema is a portable temporary cinema space installation in the style of an old fashioned cinema. Audiences are treated to a number of classic cinema experiences, from red velvet curtains to courteous ushers (plus an interval for ice-cream!). It is an intimate and special communal cinema-going experience. The aim of the A Small Cinema project is to create new spaces for small-scale cinema going, and encourage people to co-ordinate and curate their own community cinema.


Originally developed by artist Sam Meech http://www.smeech.co.uk, it is, in the short term, a community based / grass roots events programme, but it is also a prototype for a larger model of ‘cultural innovation’. A Small Cinema as a format is trying to develop cultural leadership from the ground up, encouraging small scale, sustainable models of exhibition, as well as establishing and alternative exhibition network for local film-makers. In the long-term, each cinema could be run as a self-sustaining co-operative that is not so reliant on outside funding.