There are many hairdressers and beauty salons in Liverpool.

Voodou is a favourite! You never get an appointment on a Thursday or Friday unless you've pre-booked because people get ready for a weekend - weekends are very important in Liverpool it is a party city an the girls especially make an effort to look good.

There are two very posh hairdressers in Liverpool and one of them even has a private salon in the back which is for people (possibly famous people like footballers wives) who need to have their hair done in private for security reasons.

  1. Andrew Collinge on Castle Street - it is very beautiful inside and Liz Collinge has her own range of makeup which you can try while you're there.

  2. Inside the Bling Building at the bottom of Bold Street - he is called Herbert - he won an award last year for being a celebrity hairdresser and has worked in Liverpool for 40 years - from hairdressers interactive