Bold Street Bold Street runs from Roscoe Street to Ranelagh Street Parallel to Wood Street.


Bold Street is part of a commercial district and has many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

It is part of the ropewalks area of the city centre and has more independent shops that other parts of the city and is a pleasant street to stroll down. Historically pre-second world war Bold Street was where high society would shop, horse and carriages where common place and people would put on their sunday best to frequent. Post war, depression and decline in the 70s & 80s across Liverpool Bold Street is positioning itself as the alternative to the Liverpool One development. Resurrection is a vintage store thats well worth checking out before heading to the Italian Club for a coffee and some chocolate or pine nut cake.

tenantspin, FACT's community programme asked the people of Liverpool for their impressions and memories of Bold Street here: