The Brew Tea Bar, St Paul's Square,
Old Hall Street,
Liverpool, L3 9SJ
Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 18:30
Sat: 10:00 - 17:30
Sun: closed
Phil Kirby
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brew is a revolutionary tea company that is putting chintz free, tasty tea back onto the highstreet.

We have spent months creating a range of flavours and blends of black, green, white, herbal and other teas with one goal in mind - taste! It seems that all too often teas smell good and taste of absolutely nothing. At brew we guarantee that each and everyone of our blends tastes exactly as it says it will (ask anyone who has tried our mint and chilli and they'll certainly vouch for us!).

Having recently released our first five retail teas we will be following up shortly with more. If you're super keen to try them though all our blends are available at our first tea bar in Liverpool. You can also try some amazing new brews from our English Breakfast latte to our Chocolate Rooibos (redbush) smoothie.

(Source: Brew website)