Europleasure International, Ltd., 14 March 14 2009

Duke Street

The irony of name vs. location is obvious. Please help fill in information about what Europleasure International did. Was it pleasurable?


2009-05-03 11:25:56   In recent weeks we had a soft toy enter the FACT swap shop seemingly manufactured by Europleasure international, of the sort sold on cheap market stalls. Whether or not it is the same one is of question. —

2009-08-17 21:16:40   I have a tent that has been in the family for since about 1975. The bag that it came in has a patch sewn on it saying 'Europleasure Ltd Duke St Liverpool' —

2011-08-07 18:06:54   it was J.Langdon / PTC Langdon then Europleasure Int Ltd it had places in Hope St as well as a few more in Liverpool it later moved to Boundary St Liverpool befor it was finally sold in the 80's from Granada (TV) —henrywilliams

2011-08-07 18:14:19   p.s i know this because I worked Hope St & Duke St in the 70,s and Boundary St in the 80's P.S I think Langpen (nibs) had the place in Hope st before them because when I said to my mother it was haunted on the top floor she replied I worked there when I was young and you've described a supervisor. —henrywilliams

2014-05-09 I purchased a quantity of Vintage Denim Jeans labelled "Man Alive" Europleasure Limited