General Notes on Pronunciation & The Liverpool Accent

There are several variations of the Liverpool accent. As a port city and an immigrant city, Ireland and Wales influence the accent. It has been said there is an upwards inflection at the end of sentences.

Nicknames People's names get truncated to single syllables. Thompson becomes Tommo. Steve becomes Stee.

Remove "to" insert "the". For example "I'm going the Asda"



  • Arlarse - behaving like miserable old person. Rubbish or bitchy.
  • Bizzies - police. (slightly derogatory)
  • Blag - a fake, as in "That's a blag trackie"
  • Boss - good
  • Buzzin' - laughing, funny. Buzz at someone or buzz off someone when you are laughing at them.
  • Hadoff (pronounced Adoff) - you've been shafted.
  • Jarg - a fake. As in "That's Jarg!"
  • Jigger- Back Entry


  • Larry (or Lari?) - creepy, potentially violent person, often drunk.
  • Lemon Lips - when someone is in a sour mood.
  • Lids - a newer term for Scallies.
  • Liverpudlian - someone from Liverpool
  • Minty - dirty.
  • Ninja - a Scally.
  • Scouse - a Liverpudlian
  • Scallies - a proper scally is up to no good, or young children hanging out wearing tracksuit pants and hoodies.
  • Shady Bifter - A sly spliff
  • Spliff - a marijuana cigarette
  • Semi - a "semi" detached house. Meaning one side is not attached to the neighboring home. If you have a semi, you are middle class. Supposedly.
  • Sound - nice.
  • Super Lamb Bananas
  • Trabs - a pair of training shoes
  • Trackie - a track suit
  • Trainies - training shoes or sneakers
  • WAG - acronym for wives and girlfriends