Plural of scally, originating from the word scallywag.

Scally (or scall) can be used either playfully or as a insult. To call someone a scally pejoratively is to presume they are either one or all of the following:

  1. poorly housed

  2. prejudiced (for example racist, misogynist, homophobic)

  3. ill-educated

  4. unemployed

  5. in possession of either (i) a criminal record, or (ii) criminal intent

  6. of uncertain lineage.

The word seems to be most popular in the North-West, especially Merseyside. The closest equivalent in the south of England is probably chav or townie. The North American equivalent is white trash. These phrases have been criticised as a form of class snobbery.

A typical Liverpool scally is easy to identify by their clothing. They often wear dark tracksuits (often tucked into their socks) and a hooded top to help disguise their face. This dress code has led to them being referred to as "ninjas" by some people. It is also common to see male scallies putting their hands down the front of their trousers. Nobody seems to know why they do this, although it could be some kind of autoerotic act, or simply to hold on to their penises to prevent them from disappearing. They also often talk in a "thick" scouse accent which is over-exaggerated for effect.