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T.A.D. - The Anarchist's Dream is a futuristic Science Fiction story which spans the years 2002 - 2050; written in three parts it is set in Liverpool, Sheffield and China respectively.

A glance into the future, a warning and a vision, an ideal of Anarchist philosophy where the empowerment of the individual is paramount to the salvation of the world.

The story begins with a newspaper clipping dated 2002 reporting the murder of seven European Peace Workers who had ventured into the mysteries of the Kunlun Mountains of China to discover the seed of a rising and troublesome sect known as the Pradjingo.

Part 1 introduces the main character Peri Maxwell, on the day of his retirement from the University of Liverpool in 2045, and most of the characters in part 1 were inspired by real lecturers, staff and students from the University of Liverpool's Philosophy department at 7 Abercromby Square. This chapter is inventive and deals with history relevant for the development of the story, and imagined solutions to the conflicts of the present day.

Part 2 introduces seven other main characters and is primarily psychological, although there is some invention in psychology namely the Illuminum Dream Visulant.

Part 3 centres upon a journey, mostly across land, to the Kunlun mountains of China, and as at this point in the story the Pradjingo have thrown most other worldly governments and superpowers into chaos and disorder, it is up to our main characters now known as the 'infinite 8' to attempt to bring the Pradjingo down. Will they succeed?

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