The Museum of Liverpool

Reflecting the legacy of an increadible city

The Museum of Liverpool is the first national museum to be built for 30 years, and is the biggest ever dedicated to a single city in England.

The museum's origins stem from the museum of Liverpool life which stood for many years in the Albert Dock complex. The trouble was, that Liverpool's history is vast, (at over a thousand years), and has been second city to the largest empire the world has ever seen. The culture derived from these shaws have permiated the globe, inspired, taught lessons to, and set an example. How could this be condenced into a space less than that of a small supermarket? Answer: It could never. This is why the decision was made to give the world a whole hearted look at what makes Liverpool the truly amazing place it is.

The Museum of Liverpool: Opens 2010

Contents AND Character

The museum will be split off into 4 individual sections, each one exploring a theme. Amongst the contents on display will be:

  • A whole section of the Liverpool overhead railway,
  • The completed vision of Edwin Lutyens' Liverpool Cathedrel...

The structure stands proudly alongside the Three Graces at the Pier Head.

Curators will be handed the keys to the £72m building later this year where it will be fitted out ahead of the first opening phase next year.

The four main galleries have been named as; Port City, Creative City, People’s City and Global City. They each explore a different theme to explain Liverpool’s past and what made the city great. Jen McCarthy, Head of Social History and who is concentrating on coordinating the People’s City, said: “We are reaching an exciting phase in the short history of the Museum of Liverpool. “We are busily putting together the final lists of what to exhibit. “We have spent a lot of time doing public consultation and research into what people would like to see go into the museum. “A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the overhead railway and being able to go onboard. “There will be exhibits and objects from the current Museum of Liverpool Life along with other pieces collected over the past 20 years that have not previously been seen. “There is going to be a fantastic mix. “People’s City is going to open in phase one along with Creative City, the other two will open six months later. “We are now looking at how to get things into the building. “The overhead railway is going to need to go in before the building is finish as it has to be supported by a steel structure. “It has been an amazing opportunity to work on a new museum project as this chance may only come along once in a career working with museums.”

The Lord Mayor Cllr Steve Rotheram was one of a lucky few to have a sneak preview around the museum yesterday in what will be one of his last official engagements.

THE four new galleries in the Museum of Liverpool will tell the story of Liverpool’s past, present and future.

  • Port City will include all of the big objects from the Land Transport collection. Also looking at the docks and international trade.
  • People’s City looks at what shapes the city’s people, including the accent and social history.
  • Global City explores Liverpool’s links with the rest of the world.
  • Creative City looks at those who have made Liverpool great. There is a football section and of course The Beatles.