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Welcome to LocalWiki Lompoc! The purpose of this project is to engage members of the Lompoc community in an effort to explore, discuss, and compile anything and everything about Lompoc - from history to local businesses to people to all the little things Lompoc has to offer and everything in between! This entire site can be edited by anyone and everyone! So go ahead and add what you know, find out what you don't, and have fun exploring Lompoc on a virtual tour!

To find out more information, visit Lompoc’s Official Tourism Website at http://explorelompoc.com.



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Lompoc (pronounced /Lom'-poke/) the City of Arts and Flowers, is a small town with a population of about 45,000.

Located on the "Happy Hump" of California, we are right at the heart of the Central Coast.

Additionally, we are home to a Federal Penitentiary and located just next to Vandenberg Air Force Base, known for being the only base in the US that launches missiles into polar orbit.

We've been featured in movies such as Sideways and The Fast and Furious.

We even have our own theme song. Beat that!