What do you know about Drug Overdose Decrease?

Drug deaths have decreased in the state of PA for the first time in 5 years. In the LV in 2018, there were 81 drug overdoses, a decrease of over 44% from 2017.In the Lehigh County, there were 160 overdoses, a decrease of 18%. However, Dr. John Gallagher, a member of the state's opioid task force, advises citizens to be cautiously optimistic. This is because the data could very well change. Key to this change is partnerships with hospitals and drug rehab places to provide patients with medication, allowing them to maintain their recovery.

Another difference is the Blue Guardian Program. This allows police and addiction counselors to visit Lehigh County homes after emergency responses for a drug overdose, giving the patients treatment sooner. #psycho

I included this because a great deal of the course talked about the opioid crisis and how drugs/opioids are contributing to the decrease in life expectancy.