The Food Policy Council was formed to promote policies and action towards a local food system that benefits our community, our environment, our farmers, and our economy in ways that are equitable and sustainable. The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council is working to foster awareness and understanding of the role played by an environmentally healthy food system in food security, economic vitality and the health and well-being of Lehigh Valley residents.  

The Council’s Steering Committee of stakeholder representatives meets monthly at United Way offices. Working Groups meet monthly across the Valley, and the Council as a whole meets semi-annually. Membership in the Council is free. You can follow their work and join the discussion on the Council Facebook page: <font color="#0066cc"> LVFoodPolicyCouncil</font>

Working Groups:

Food Access – Making sure that fresh healthy food is available and affordable for everyone in the Lehigh Valley. Currently working on summer foods initiatives while school is out.

Consumer Education – What is good food and how do we use it? Do residents of the Valley have the tools they need to pursue healthy eating?

Food Recovery and Respect – How do we use our food well and reduce the waste? Currently building out a Valley-wide model of food recovery.

Community Farms and Gardens – Connecting with coordinators and gardeners across the Lehigh Valley, growing community support and involvement to improve food security, knowledge of what we eat, and technical assistance.
Land Use – Preserving farmland in order to grow a local food economy; fostering stewardship of available land for healthy food production.

Farm to School – Working with schools to add local, fresh, healthy food options to lunch, activities, and curriculum.

Farming – Working on ways to best support and encourage the Lehigh Valley residents who grow our foods and to help them improve their market and operations.

Infrastructure and Logistics – Examining the local food system to improve linkages for sustainable growth and efficient delivery.

Entrepreneurship – Encouraging workforce and economic development that focuses on local investment and re-investment in the Lehigh Valley food system.

1337 E Fifth Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Sue Dalandan, Coordinator
Phone: 484-893-1106 Cell: 484-523-2781