In order to create a new page, the first thing you should do is search to make sure your page idea doesn't already exist! This is very important to prevent duplication of content by multiple people.

In order to do this, type your article name into the search box on the top right of the page and click the "Search or create page" button:


For example, you might be thinking of creating content about greenways (green spaces like parks and bike trails that connect other green spaces to each other). You would enter the word "greenways" into the search box, or even the name of a particular greenway, such as the Little Rock Greenway.

You will be presented with a page with the results of your search. If there is an exact or near match to your search, you will be shown a list of these results. If there is no exact match, click the "Create this page" button.

To learn how to edit your new page's content, check out the guide to Editing Content. Make sure to save your new page so that it will be permanently saved on the wiki.

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