Includes are mini-pages that can be added to signal certain situations that pertain to the page.  While Tags are used primarily for navigation and to aid in searching, includes just make the reader aware of information regarding the status of a page, such as that a restaurant is no longer in business ("Departed Business"), that content is in the process of being added to the page ("Under Construction"), or that there is another LocalWiki that also has a page pertaining to the subject at hand ("Sac to Davis").

For some things, like "this entry needs work," you may wish to simply add a tag such as "needs work".

However, sometimes you just want to signal to the reader that a piece of information is important (like the fact that a restaurant is no longer in business).  In this case, you would use an Include, plus a tag if you would like.

Creating/Adding Includes

To create an include:

  1. Search the name of the sticker you want to create, click "create page"
  2. Create the image using the table function, some text and an image, or whatever you'd like.  The image should stand out as different from the standard wiki text.
  3. Save the page

To add an include to another page:

  1. Open the edit view of the page you want to add a include to
  2. Click where you want to add the include
  3. Go to the edit toolbar and click the green puzzle piece, then click "Include Page"
  4. Type the title of the sticker page you just created, and un-check the box "Show Page Title"
  5. Click OK
  6. Save the page.

List of Includes

(most of which were blatantly copied from the DavisWiki Page)

Departed Business- to mark that a venue is no longer in business

Unable to include Departed Business

Seed- To mark a page that needs content

Unable to include Seed

Under Construction- page is under construction

Unable to include Under Construction

PhotoRequest- To request photo for page

Unable to include PhotoRequest

HIPAA Restrictions-   Explains why comments may be un-answered by doctor

Unable to include HIPAA Restrictions

Comment Integration- There is information that needs to be copied or moved from the comments into the text of the page

Unable to include Comment Integration

Copy/Paste- Used to mark a page that needs rewriting. The wiki uses a Creative Commons License, so content here shouldn't be a copy from somewhere else.

Unable to include Copy/Paste

Advertisement- When a business listing reads like an advertisement rather than an informative page

Unable to include Advertisement

Fact Check- facts are un-cited and may need checking and citations

Unable to include Fact Check

Relevance- information or page as a whole may not be relevant to your city

Unable to include Relevance

Out of Date- Contains out-of-date information

Unable to include Out of Date

Past Event- references a past event; page is kept for historical reference

Unable to include Past Event

No Longer Exists- subject of the page no longer exists; page is kept for historical reference

Unable to include No Longer Exists