When starting a new LocalWiki, it can help to give yourself & your friends a project to collaborate on.

The best way to come up with a project is to think of something that you want to learn more about in your community. Maybe it's local landmarks (or even just one local landmark), local nature, the local music scene, or local history. Also, if you already have a hobby or community that you're a part of, sharing information about that community is a great way to start (for example, if you're an avid biker, you can share information about bike stores, bike clubs, tips for biking in your city, and favorite routes).

But if you're not sure what project you'd like to do, here are some ideas!

  1. Neighborhoods - document as many neighborhoods in your city as you can.
  2. Your neighborhood - learn as much about the history of your neighborhood as you can. Take pictures, document all the businesses, etc.
  3. Public art - take photos and create entries for as much public art and murals as you can find.
  4. History - pick a topic in your city's history. What do you want to understand about why your city is the way that it is?
  5. City government - create entries for all of your elected officials, city departments, and if you get really into this, historic elected officials.
  6. Social services - many cities have a need for up-to-date information about service providers and services available to them. If it's too broad to try and cover all social services, focus on just one area (like youth services).
  7. Nature, parks, and the outdoors - easy if you already spend a lot of time outside! There are also many opportunities for photographers here.
  8. Music, art, and culture - if you already participate in the arts scene in your city, or if this is something that you want to get more involved with, just document everything that you learn about your city's culture.
  9. Food - if you've been to every restaurant in your city, you may be the right person to write about the stories behind all the restaurants in your city.