What do you know about April 1871 Marquette election?

From the book "History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: containing a full account of its early settlement, its growth, development, and resources, an extended description of its iron and copper mines : also, accurate sketches of its counties, cities, towns, and villages ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers. Publication Info: Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1883. Pages 411-427 (source)


The city of Marquette was incorporated under authority of a legislative act, approved February 27, 1871. The territory was then set off from Marquette Township, divided into three wards, and provision made for the election of a Mayor, Recorder, Treas­urer, three Justices of the Peace, two Constables, six Aldermen and three Supervisors; the latter office was provided for by making the short-term Alderman of each ward the Supervisor of the Ward. The territory set off embraced Fractional Sections 13 and 14, Sections 15 and 22, Fractional Sections 23, 24 and 26, Sections 27, 34 and 35, and Fractional Section 36, in Town 48 north, of Range 25 west.

The first election under the Marquette City charter was held April 3, 1871. The following record will point out the electoral strength of the city, and also deal with the men who sought the honors of official life as pioneer offi­cers of the city:

Mayor—H. H. Safford, 352 votes; Peter White, 271. Recorder—Arch Benedict, 197; A. N. Barney, 185; S. E. Chink, 32; Thomas Elmore, 96.

Treasurer—Balthazer Neidhart, 258; F. M. Moore, 368.

School Inspector—John George O'Keefe, 615; J. H. Grinnell, 576.

Constable—Jacob Dolf, 622; Patrick Donavan, 618.

Aldermen, First Ward—Terence Moore, 90; Con Clime, 89; Thomas Hefferman, 59; T. T. Hurley, 124.

Aldermen, Second Ward—Alex C. Theill, 147; Jahn Thony, 113; P. C. Parkinson, 197; A. R. Harlow, 68.

Aldermen, Third Ward—James M. Wilkinson, 155; Daniel H. Ball, 88; Daniel Brittell, 75.

Justice of the Peace—John George O'Keefe.