What do you know about Cliffs Dow Chemical Company?


This collection contains the scattered records of R. Wesley Jenner, long-time employee and president (1960-1968) of the Cliffs Dow Chemical Company of Marquette, Michigan. The records primarily relate to the company which manufactured charcoal and was the largest and sophisticated wood distillation plant in the world from 1940-1968. The records include company technical reports for 1935-1950, news clippings and press releases, addresses and articles written and presented by Jenner on the company's operations and history, a 1935 plant inventory, operations and product flow charts, and miscellaneous materials relating to the company. Also included is biographical information about Jenner himself, and correspondence. The correspondence largely relates to Jenner's retirement, but also includes a 1982 memo Jenner wrote regarding plant disposal sites and environmental impact.