JEFFREY COLES, dealer in fresh and salted meats, was born in England, May 16, 1815. He grew up and learned his business there. Enlisted in the army, and served seven years in the British cavalry. He came to this country in 1848, and located at Detroit, and engaged in his present business, and very soon took a leading position in the trade there, and shipped meats to England. In 1857, he went to Kansas, and was with old John Brown in the Kansas war. He entered land from Government where a portion of Kansas City now stands. After the war broke out, he took large contracts to furnish beef for the army. He had many narrow escapes in driving and transporting his stock in the Southwest. He came to Marquette in 1864 and established his present business, and is the oldest in the trade here. He built the Cozzens Hotel and Coles' Hall and other buildings. In the spring of 1882, he was elected Mayor of the city and has held the office of Supervisor. In 1841, Mr. Coles married Miss Susanna Beck, from Devonshire, England. They have two sons—William and George B., and have lost two sons—John and Harry.

Source: History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: containing a full account of its early settlement, its growth, development, and resources, an extended description of its iron and copper mines: also, accurate sketches of its counties, cities, towns, and villages ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers. Publication Info: Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1883. Pages 427-436.