Lake Michigamme, one of Michigan's largest lakes, reaches a depth of over 70 feet (21 m). It covers 4,292 acres (17.37 km2) in Marquette and Baraga County, Michigan. Van Riper State Park provides public access. The vast majority of the lake lies in Marquette County, with only its westernmost part extending into Baraga County.

The lake runs about 6 miles (9.7 km) east to west, with a southern arm extending about another 4. A dam separates the Michigamme River from the main body of the lake at the end of the southern arm. The Spurr River flows into the lake's west end and the Peshekee River flows into the lake in the north east. Van Riper State Park and Van Riper beach are located at the eastern shoreline of the main arm. The lake is speckled with many islands and rock beds that often creep over the waterline in late summer and fall.

Common fish include Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Rock Bass, and even Whitefish in the deeper parts.

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