The Marquette County Labor Council is an AFL-CIO affiliated labor organization. It holds an annual Labor Day Festival; the 23d event is in Ishpeming on Monday, September 2, 2013.

Affliliated locals as of 2013:

Local 7 Sheetmetal Workers 
Local 8 Iron Workers 
Local 214 Teamsters 
Local 169 Boilermakers 
Local 328 Teamsters 
Local 510 IBEW (U.P.P.CO & Mqt. City Power) 
Local 643 Fire Fighters (Marquette City) 
Local 885 AFSCME (Jacobetti Veteran’s Facil.) 
Local 1070 Electricians (IBEW) 
Local 1094 AFSCME (NMU Cust. & Food Service) 
Local 1282 AFSCME (Ishpeming City) 
Local 1329 Construction + General Laborer's Union
Local 1415 AFSCME (Negaunee City) 
Local 1510 Carpenters and Millwrights 
Local 1613 AFSCME (County Health Dept.) 
Local 1852 AFSCME (Marquette City) 
Local 1950 UAW (NMU Technical Office Professional) 
Local 2145 UAW (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI) 
Local 2178 UAW (NMU Administrative-Professional) 
Local 2194 AFSCME (Health Care) 
Local 2565 AFSCME (Area Schools) 
Local 2724 AFSCME (Co. Road Commission) 
Local 2914 AFSCME (Courthouse & Courts) 
Local 3135 USWA (Forsyth Twp./ Semco) 
Local 3392 AFSCME (Marq. Tran) 
Local 3496 AFSCME (Norlite Nursing Home) 
Local 4025 Communications Workers (Ameritech) 
Local 4974 USWA (Tilden Mine) 
MNA Marquette General Hospital