Matthew H. Maynard (b. Brownsville, Indiana, April 10, 1832; d. December 27, 1907) was an attorney and the partner of Peter White for ten years. He was mayor of Marquette. Maynard was a Mason of the rank of Worshipful Master in the Marquette Lodge.


Source: History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: containing a full account of its early settlement, its growth, development, and resources, an extended description of its iron and copper mines: also, accurate sketches of its counties, cities, towns, and villages ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers. Publication Info: Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1883. Pages 427-436; via MiFamilyHistory.ORG

M. H. MAYNARD, attorney at law, is a native of Indiana, and was born April 10, 1832. His lather was a Congregational minister, and went to Indiana as a home missionary, in 1828. He removed to Vermont during the early childhood of Mr. Maynard, who grew up and attended school there; entered Middlebury College, and graduated in 1852; studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1855; after his admission, he came to Lake Superior, and arrived in Marquette in June 1855, and in August was admitted here, and engaged in the practice of law. At that time this was a very small village; there were no streets, and the roads wound round among the stumps. Mr. Maynard associated with Peter White, one of the early settlers, and at that time a county official. He held the office of County Treasurer eight years, and was elected District Attorney of the Upper Peninsula, also was Prosecuting Attorney, and held the office of County Clerk and Register of Deeds; Postmaster for three years, when Marquette was the only post office in the county. He was Grand Master of Masons in 1876-77, and has been a member of the School Board for the past twenty-two years, and he continued in the practice of law until 1873, when he gave it up on account of ill health, but after a few years resumed it again, and is the oldest attorney in active practice in the Upper Peninsula. In 1856, he was married to Miss Mary E. Foote, of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. They have three children—Alfred F., cashier Citizens' Bank, Gardner and Nellie. 

Source: Matthew H Maynard, Masonic History wiki