West Baraga Avenue runs from South Front Street in Marquette to just past South McClellan Avenue.

There is a one block long East Baraga Avenue.

Baraga Ave was not always known as Baraga Ave. The original name for the street was Superior Street and it was at one time the center of business in Marquette. It was renamed in honor of Bishop Baraga

The first lumber mill on Marquette was built by Amos Harlow at the foot of what is now known as East Baraga Avenue. 

This is the corner of Baraga and Front from the early 1900's, probably around 1912-13.

Picture from the collection of Wayne Mahowald

In the news

The Marquette Downtown Development Authority is the recipient of a MIplace Initiative Grant for redesign assistance for Baraga Avenue from Third Street to the lakefront. To kick off public discussion about the project, stakeholders met Thursday at the Commons for a visioning session to discuss plans for that redesign.



South Front Street intersects.

South Third Street intersects.

  • 236 Marquette County Jail

South Fourth Street intersects.

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