Want to contribute to the MenomonieWiki but don' t know where to start? Here are a few ideas and suggestions:

Get inspired! 

Look at some other LocalWikis and get ideas! LocalWiki is a grassroots effort to collect, share, and open the world's local knowledge. There are LocalWikis across the globe and thousands of volunteers help contribute to making these amazing resources for their communities. Check out some of the Best of LocalWiki for inspiration! You can also check out the LocalWiki Guide for help getting started.

Even if you have limited time, you can help!

In 5 minutes

Sign up, create your user page, and come back!

In 10 minutes

Add a bit of content (links, a few sentences) to a page, or start a new page. If you aren't sure how to start editing, take a look at this tutorial. Try a quick fix or use the search to help get started:

In half an hour

Add content to a few pages (links, clarifications, paragraphs), especially new pages.

In an hour

Add summaries to a page that explain the relevance of links and resources, especially new pages.

In a few hours

Add summaries to several pages that explain the relevance of links and resources, especially new pages.

In the long term

Join the MenomonieWiki Team, contribute to the Wiki Community pages, determine areas to improve coverage, and reach out to others (including groups and businesses) to increase participation!

We also have a list of wanted pages. If you have a question about the Menomonie area, you can ask it on the Questions page.

If you are a teacher or professor you can look into Assigning the Wiki as a class project.