What is Pickleball:   Pickleball is a recquet game played both outdoors and indoors all over the world.  Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States as thousands are picking up the game monthly.  The sport of Pickleball is played on a court roughly half the size of a tennis court.  The game combines the skills of tennis and ping pong and is fast moving but with little actual running.  The game is usually played with a partner (doubles) or can be played as a singles game.  The basic Pickleball game can be learned in a very short time, l to 2 hours is all it takes to get the general idea.

All you need to get started is tennis shoes,  a racquet ($40 - $100). and a whiffle like ball,  called a Pickleball ($3).  I would recommend you try a couple of different paddles before you purchase one.  Almost all players have more than one paddle and are always happy to share with a new player. 

The city recreation department has several opportunities to learn the game,  from beginners to intermediate players.  Check their website for details.  Menomonie has 6 beautiful outdoor courts which are located in Wakanda Park adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool.  Eau Claire has 12 dedicated courts located at McDonough Park and schedule play everyday at 9am. If you want to watch before you play (bring your shoes just in case) there is a group of players that play every Mon-Wed-Fri at 8am in Menomonie at the Wakananda courts.  Also Wednesday nights from 6 pm till 8 pm.

Pickleball is a very social,  friendly, competitive game.  You will hear plenty of laughter on the courts as you enjoy this game called Pickleball. 

Patrick Lammer

Dunn County Ambassador