Wolske Bay Park includes shelters, tables, grills, benches, paved parking lot, and handicapped accessible trail, and a handicap accessible fishing pier. 

During the summer of 2016 Wolske Bay was dredged to get rid of the cyanobacteria blooms in Lake Menomin.

2018 saw the addition of a new bench in loving memory of Francis "Green" and Pearl Wolske.

The floating platform was originally placed on the outer bank but the approach had deteriorated and this platform has since been moved around the corner to the Hoyt-era (1984) Wolske Bay Marina boat ramp.


Every season and every day is different for those able to slow down and take notice at Wolske Bay.The 2020 Castaway Spirits trying a new location due to the ice safety adversely impacted by the Mayor Randy Knaack Dredging experiments and excessive city road salt use.The Loving Memory of Francis and Pearl Wolske commemorative bench added in 2018 is the only sign  that links the park to the original Wolske Bay Marina creators back in 1958.Mayor Randy Knaack's third Lake Menomin dredging experiment occurred in summer of 2020.  The southern limiting barrier seen here.





The Medora Solarbee ($42,000) was initially placed in the western roadside bay in 2016, but since winter 2016 has remained in the northern bay, an often puzzling item of interest to park visitors.A view from atop the hill overlooking what was once dry land before 1957.The 2018 Castaway Spirits ice rink was soon too hard to maintain due to heavy and excessive snowfall.Dan Riordan captured this amazing view from Wolske Bay road in 2011.






Prior to the Mayor Randy Knaack Dredging experiments in 2016, the northern and western roadside portions of the bay were often lively with many different turtles.A view of downtown Menomonie's Lakefront from the former platform location.


Early Morning sunrises are enjoyed by those able to walk along the often-times speeding motorist filled road.A variety of plants surround the island and each season has certain species that stand out.Turtles are constantly being squeezed out of nesting habitat by the City of Menomonie.The 2007 built platform is now around the corner from the original location.