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General Stuff

  • What your neighborhood is like
  • Your family's history and experiences
  • Cultural events and history
  • Fun things to do
  • Anything else you think other people should know about Miami!


  • Where can I park in Coconut Grove?
  • Where can I go bowling in Miami?
  • Are there any dancing venues in Miami that are not centered around alcohol?

Pages to Add to

Possible Pages to Create from Scratch

  • City of Miami Commissioners or Mayoral candidates? (That could get... interesting.)
  • Would like to make city/community pages more usable with info on civic issues.
    IDEAS: trash collection schedule, city contact info, times of city meetings, etc.
  • Good Places to eat for Vegans/Vegetarians
  • Biscayne Boulevard - maybe find interesting businesses and add a "Biscayne Boulevard" tag? 
  • Social Justice in Miami - or maybe add this to the Non-Profits section? Not sure.
  • Places to go out in Miami not centered around alcohol.

Meta Stuff

  • About Miami Wiki
  • Adding map points to existing entries which list out pages

Community/Civic info pages

  • Times & locations of gov't meetings
  • Contact info for offices
  • Boundary shapes
  • Contact info for elected officials 
  • Trash collection/services schedule
  • Emergency shelters