The Sligo Creek Water Main Replacement is part of Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC)’s multi-year Sewer Repair, Replacement and Rehabilitation (SR3) Program.

The Sligo Creek portion of the SR3 Program involves work in and around Sligo Creek Park and Long Branch Park. There's a lot of detail on the Friends of Sligo Creek website here: and here:

Budget and Contracts

According to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Oct. 15, 2014 Commission Meeting notes, here are the contracts awarded for the Sligo Creek part of the S3 project:

  • BR5571A13, Sligo Creek Water Main Replacement, to Sagres Construction Corporation, in the amount of $2,344,178.00
  • BR5563A13, Sligo Creek II Water Main Replacement and Relocation, to Rivers Construction Group, Ltd., in the amount of $2,208,465.00
  • BRCR5591A13, Sligo Creek III Water Main Replacement, to Civil Construction, LLC, in the amount of $3,751,103.00 Here is a copy of the contract.