1884, looking east 1

The 12th Street Dam was constructed in 1868-1869 and financed in part by then-mayor Samuel Merritt using his own funds. It was the first step in turning an arm of San Antonio Slough into Lake Merritt.

1869 map excerpt

1868: Plans made for a dam to create "Lake Merritt"; 5 construction begins

1869: Dam completed north of the 12th Street bridge, creating the lake. Mayor Merritt’s annual message dedicates the “arm of San Antonio Creek” as a public lake

1874: Merritt, Newton, and Spaulding cede 12th Street dam rights to the City

1876: 12th Street Dam widened and used as thoroughfare

1891: At the urging of Mayor Melvin Chapman, the Oakland Waterfront Company, which was controlled by the Central Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad, “gives” the lake to Oakland in exchange for a promise that the City would spend $30,000 on the roadway over the 12th Street Dam. 4

1915: Lake dredging completed and the 12th Street Dam is raised, widened, and paved

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