photo by mk30

The 19th St. BART Station is in downtown Oakland (some might say it's in Uptown!).

The lines that stop here are Richmond - Millbrae/SFO, Richmond - Fremont, and Pittsburg/Bay Point - Millbrae/SFO.

There are bike racks inside the station that you should use - never lock your bike immediately outside this station!

BART has  plans to modernize the station.  According to a recent Bike East Bay newsletter, this may even include a" valet bicycle parking facility like the popular Berkeley Bike Station... by the end of this year"

The station has an elevator (great news for the disabled), but it's a little tough to find and tucked away in the middle of the street. Be patient and you will find it. 

There's a Subway's on the northern end. On most any given day random hippie folk singers will be playing their music. 

This station looks similar to 12th Street, but this one is blue and 12th street is red.

Immediately outside is a major bus connection and a massively large wig and make-up store if you are ever in the need for lace hand gloves. The cement on the sidewalks is really pebbly in parts and tough to skate on, but for some reason there is always someone skating really hard and doing cool stuff despite that. It's like EMB and tiny wheels, a total mystery of physics.

More information is available from Wikipedia and BART.