Prior to the 2014 Mayoral Tweetup, the 2014 Mayoral Election Team is holding monthly twitter chats the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm to hash out details of the 2014 Mayoral Tweetup Debate.

Next Planning Chat

March 5th at 6PM using the #oakmtg hashtag.

This chat will be moderated by ??

Notes from Previous Chats

Chat 3: 2/5/14: Clarifying possible topics for debates, going over news!

Tweet chat Feb 5. Transcript


@greenkozi (moderator) @GOPublicSchools @thebestasmine @mktSF @tdlove5 @lenraphaelcpa @DIYGene @RedwoodGirl @blk_bk @bryanparker2014 @sberley @AreWeMarried @AdamInOakland

@greenkozi: Hi everyone! I will be the moderator of tonight's discussion. this is 1 of our monthly pre-mayoral debate planning sessions #oakmtg

 @greenkozi: if this is ur 1st time, u can learn more we are planning a mayor debate! #oakmtg


@greenkozi: we've been telling u we have big news, so 1st i'm going to tell u that big news! (time 4 ur calendars!) #oakmtg

 “@greenkozi: we have finalized the date 4 the in person #oakmayor debate & started inviting candidates. the date is THURS, AUG 21st @ 7pm #oakmtg

@greenkozi: not only do we have a date, we've reserved city hall chambers, secured KTOP to broadcast/stream AND paid for it!! #oakmtg (yes, stoked)

 @GOPublicSchools: .@greenkozi great job! Thanks to @tdlove5 for all your work on this! #oakmtg

@thebestjasmine: @greenkozi @tdlove5 WOW. I'm so impressed!!

@mtkSF: @greenkozi you GOTTA let me host that.

@greenkozi: we are still working on the twitter/SM tools, specifically w/the PEC committee (what's their handle?) and will report back on that #oakmtg

 @greenkozi: again, this is an in-person debate, aug 21st, 7pm, city hall. all candidates invited and we hope u will come, too! #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: Yay!! Did ya hear that folks! #oakmtg 1st EVER Mayoral Candidate Debate will be Aug 21st 7-9 pm!! Whose coming?? Me!! o/ #Oakland

@greenkozi: so these monthly chats are YOUR chance to get involved/plan the debates, etc. we think that's rad :) #oakmtg

@greenkozi: we will also have a twitter-only debate in may, and later we can discuss what date that will be, so keep ur calendars handy! #oakmtg

@lenraphaelcpa: @greenkozi hmm. Are tweets any better than sound bites

@greenkozi: @lenraphaelcpa i'd invite you to come 2 our next in person meeting and get involved in making it better than that! #oakmtg 

@lenraphaelcpa: @greenkozi  it is better than media soundbites that doesnt depend on getting media attention. when is your nxt meeting?

@greenkozi: so now the topic at hand- we thought we'd discuss possible topics/questions for the debate. same format as last time- #oakmtg

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi @tdlove5 I'd like to hear candidates discuss strategic planning for Oakland. What data would they use to inform process?  #oakmtg 

Q1 Q2

@greenkozi: ok: Q1 what topics would you like to see discussed at a mayoral debate? #oakmtg

 @DIYGene: a big OPD problem is morale, leading to retention+recruitment probs. what would the candidate do to address that? #oakmtg

 @RedwoodGirl: @ProfCritic @greenkozi Another question: Will candidates support moving #oakmtg items with many speakers to beginnings of meetings?

 @ProfCritic: Good one, @RedwoodGirl @greenkozi It directly impacts people's ability to participate (or not) in democratic process.

 @RedwoodGirl: @ProfCritic @greenkozi Yep; I've definitely gotten the impression that they're trying to limit participation, and I can't be the only one.

 @blk_bk: @RedwoodGirl @ProfCritic @greenkozi YES. Love this convo & ?'s <3

 @ProfCritic: Yep. @blk_bk @RedwoodGirl @greenkozi It was great when Gallo moved #youthcurfew item up so kids could speak. It can be done again!

 @blk_bk: @ProfCritic @RedwoodGirl @greenkozi someone suggested posting it, like a reddit list & people can up vote what they want to discuss...

 @RedwoodGirl: A1: Would the candidates be willing to do about all the vacant lots in Oakland - i.e. land value tax? Talk to the owners? #oakmtg

 @ProfCritic: @greenkozi @tdlove5 I'd like to hear candidates discuss strategic planning for Oakland. What data would they use to inform process?  #oakmtg

 @greenkozi: and @bryanparker2014 @libbyschaaf @danMsiegel @joe4oakland, if you're around, feel free to chime in! #oakmtg

 " @tdlove5: @greenkozi are we planning for the twitter debate in May or live one in August for this discussion? #oakmtg"

 @bryanparker2014: @greenkozi had given my input in previous 2 meetings. Good work bringing this together everyone. Was speaking at an AIDS cure event #oakmtg

 @greenkozi: i think either debate would be fine! Q1- topic for EITHER debate @tdlove5 #oakmtg

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi @tdlove5 I'd like to hear candidates discuss strategic planning for Oakland. What data would they use to inform process?  #oakmtg

 @sberley: @greenkozi @ProfCritic great idea - but how do you do anything but sound bites on twitter. Devils in the details and nuance

 @greenkozi: good question! @sberley we will have 1 twitter only debate in may, 1 live incorporating SM Aug 21st. details #oakmtg

@sberley: @greenkozi cool. Saw twitter debate and missed other half. Keep up the good work! 

@ProfCritic: @sberley @greenkozi True--this is better for live debate but still would like to see what vision looks like.

@GOPublicSchools: Candidates should say what they would do to improve our public schools and make our city safer for #oaklandkids. #oakmtg

@greenkozi: RT @GOPublicSchools: Candidates should say what they would do 2 improve our public schools & make our city safer for #oaklandkids. #oakmtg

@RedwoodGirl: @greenkozi What control does the mayor have over the school board? I thought they were independent of Oakland city govt. @GOPublicSchools 

@GOPublicSchools: .@greenkozi @RedwoodGirl School Board members elected this fall in D2, 4, 6. #oakmtg

@GOPublicSchools: .@greenkozi @RedwoodGirl Mayor should collaborate with SB on issues like health, safety + make city safe for teachers. #oakmtg

@greenkozi: @GOPublicSchools :) thank you! great answer!

@greenkozi: Q1 is still on the table- what topics should be covered at either debate? Q2 is a followup- why is this topic important? #oakmtg

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi #Oakland can very reactive. I'd like to hear how the candidates plan to get in front of issues in a proactive way. #oakmtg

@RedwoodGirl: @greenkozi A1: What would the candidates do to bring in more businesses and/or create jobs in Oakland?  #oakmtg

@RedwoodGirl: @greenkozi A1: What would the candidates do to help alleviate the backlog of people waiting for affordable housing in Oakland? #oakmtg       

            “@tdlove5: @RedwoodGirl @greenkozi ding ding ding!! #oakmtg #oakland

@greenkozi: Q2 sounds silly, but it will help us frame the questions and/or whittle them down. #oakmtg

@greenkozi: @tdlove5 yes, hoping to get a little narrower than last time #oakmtg

 @AreWeMarried: A2: #oakmtg Schools--really unequal, have to practically sign your address in blood to get into a good local school.

@greenkozi: RT @AreWeMarried: A1: #oakmtg Schools ++, OPD response time (or response, period), blight, bike lanes

@greenkozi: this is exactly what i'm talking about- reasoning behind q :) @AreWeMarried #oakmtg

@greenkozi are you looking for additional topics outside if what we already discussed? #Gentrification and #Sports #oakmtg #oakland

@greenkozi: MT @tdlove5: A2 I'd like 2 hear how candidates would protect low-income cmtys from displacement while encouraging new residents #oakmtg

@greenkozi: you guys are rocking it- keep the answers coming- Q1 potential topics, Q2, why those? #oakmtg

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi The pace of OPD reforms per consent agreement seems slow. How would candidate partner with OPD to help meet standards? #oakmtg

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi #Oakland spends much $ on consultants. Like to hear candidate's ideas for recruiting/maintaining excellent city workforce #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: A2 for example a Mayor could propose the legislation increasing the % of affordable housing in new developments #oakmtg #oakland @greenkosi

 “@tdlove5: Q2 this #gentrification is a HOT topic in Oakland, so it's important. However it is also inevitable so policies need to be in place. #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: A1 another proposed topic: unfunded liabilities. A2 important because we need to think about how #Oakland is going to pay those off! #oakmtg.”

@greenkozi: as with last month, you guys are making me SUPER proud to be part of this #oakmtg community- such good ideas/questions! this will rock.

@greenkozi: if ur just tuning in, we're proposing topics for #oakmtg debate August 21, 7pm, city hall. Q1: propose topic, Q2: why that one?

@greenkozi: MT @tdlove5: A1: unfunded liabilities. A2 important because we need to think about how #Oakland is going to pay those off! #oakmtg

@greenkozi: MT @tdlove5: A2 I'd like 2 hear how candidates would protect low-income cmtys from displacement while encouraging new residents #oakmtg


@greenkozi: my Q3 was specific q's, but u guys nailed that. skipping to another Q3. if u could ask a specific candidate a q, who & what? #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: A3 I'd ask all, but I notice Bryan Parker doing this more: why spend time and raise campaign funds outside #Oakland? Rationale? #oakmtg 

@greenkozi: MT @tdlove5: A3 I'd ask all; I notice Bryan Parker doing this more: why spend time & raise campaign $ outside #Oakland? Rationale? #oakmtg

@greenkozi: A3 i'd like 2 ask schaaf her plans for working with/representing all of oakland. as @tdlove5 said, quan not seen as progressive... #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: A3 I'd ask Tuman what makes his campaign different from 2010 and why shld we support him now? #oakmtg #oakland

@greenkozi: MT @tdlove5: #oakmtg A3 I'd ask Siegal to name an instance when he won't be so liberal.. I'm curious what his answer would be. Lol #oakland

@greenkozi: A2 for that 1 @tdlove5 not everyone in #oakland is liberal (unfortunately) how will he earn goodwill? #oakmtg

@sberley: @greenkozi @tdlove5 pro choice, pro environment, pro gay marriage. Doesn't that describe most of Oakland. What does liberal mean?

@ProfCritic: @greenkozi Would like all candidates to share their thoughts about the role of protestors in Oakland. #oakmtg

@AdamInOakland: @ProfCritic @tdlove5 @greenkozi lol. Oh I would too, just to eat popcorn & watch fireworks.

@RedwoodGirl: @ProfCritic Like, "what constitutes a reasonable police response to a peaceful protest?"  @greenkozi

@ProfCritic: YES. @RedwoodGirl @greenkozi  So many view protest as a problem when I see it as a positive sign of citizen engagement which may need mgt.

@RedwoodGirl: @ProfCritic @greenkozi Yep, viewing protesters as a problem is 180 degrees wrong.

@greenkozi: A3 i'd like 2 ask schaaf her plans for working with/representing all of oakland. as @tdlove5 said, quan not seen as progressive... #oakmtg

@greenkozi: so adding in Q3: specific q's for specific candidates. if u need a refresher on who's running, they're here #Oakmtg

@greenkozi: so far declared: quan, schaaf, tuman, parker, siegel, mccullough, and liu. All 3 questions open for answering! #oakmtg

Last call

@greenkozi: we have 1 more item to address, so last call! topics u'd like addressed, why u'd like them addressed, & specific q's 4 specific ppl #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: @greenkozi any other questions?? 10 min left..;) #oakmtg

@greenkozi: i LOVE this RT @RedwoodGirl: @ProfCritic Like, "what constitutes a reasonable police response to a peaceful protest?"  #oakmtg

@greenkozi: remember aug 21st is LIVE debate. there will also be the twitter only debate in may- what days are good? throw out days of week, #oakmtg

“@tdlove5: .@greenkozi Thursdays or Fridays..when there isn't a #Oakmtg which might be difficult for Schaaf

@DIYGene: @greenkozi I've never liked Mondays. can we throw it out? ;-)

@GOPublicSchools: Thursday then, because more people would likely be on twitter than on Friday night? #oakmtg

@greenkozi: @GOPublicSchools yes, for sure, thursdays! :) #oakmtg

@greenkozi: suggestion- let's table actual date- go for thursdays and meet in person to finalize #oakmtg 

@greenkozi: specific dates, anything, and we'll get on it! #oakmtg (dates in may for tweeting debate)

@greenkozi: if no one answers, @tdlove5 & i will pick mothers day and show up @ everyone's door demanding participation... #oakmtg

            @tdlove5: #oakmtg I had an idea for the twitter debates. Have each candidate pick a day during the month to answer questions from twitter." 

         “@tdlove5: #oakmtg candidates wld have 2 hours. 1st hr to answer questions (each candidate wld get same questions) + then the other to answer randoms.” 

@greenkozi: which leads to next point- we need 2 have next in-person meeting soon! if ur interested please add urself 2 #oakmtg

@greenkozi: or just tell me or @tdlove5 and we'll make sure ur on email list about mtgs/planning. we really need help 2 make this work! #oakmtg

@greenkozi: it's a fun, easy way 2 do something good 4 ur city. important, empowering, yadayada. u might even get to meet @latondasimmons #oakmtg

@greenkozi: any last thoughts, #oakmtg tweeps? this has been great and we'll update the wiki page with all ur awesome ideas!

@greenkozi: ok, that's all i got, thanks again for participating tonight #oakmtg!

 @RedwoodGirl: @greenkozi Thank you, that was fun and went by way too fast.

 @greenkozi: @RedwoodGirl thanks for participating! it did go really fast! i hope you'll join us next time & for planning :)

 @RedwoodGirl: @greenkozi I will definitely try to be there, adding my name to the Oakland wiki page now.

 @tdlove5: THANKS!! for moderating! ((Hugs)) "@greenkozi: ok, that's all i got, thanks again for participating tonight #oakmtg!””


Chat 2: 1/8/2014: Discussing possible topics to be covered during debate

The second planning chat was held on January 8th, 2014, moderated by @marinakukso. This chat focused on  what topics should be covered and what the key issues are in those topics. Are some topics big enough to deserve their own debates (eg, education, public safety, etc.), etc?

We started off with popular topics in the responses from the  2014 Mayor Key Issues Survey that we've been running (PS you can still take the survey! please take it!). You can see all the responses here.

Here were the topics:

  • Public Safety
    • What are some specific topics you'd like to have addressed within public safety? police accountability? Please add more here and/or in the chat.
  • Economic Development
    • What are some specific topics you'd like to have addressed within economic development? equitable economic development? gentrification? the role of local production/making in Oakland? Please add more here.
  • Affordability for low income residents
    • Specific topics include housing, jobs, gentrification, etc.
  • Good governance/ethical government
  • Education

Here is the transcript:

Transcript of #oakmtg Debate Discussion Jan 8, 2014, 6pm

**Text in bold are questions and statements submitted by moderator.

Participants: @AdamInOakland (ahead of discussion) @tdlove5 @OaklandPrivacy (ahead of discussion) @guelo (ahead of debate) @KnowlandPark (advertised discussion) @RedwoodGirl (ahead of discussion) @miloscamrobb @vielmetti @mike_ubell @geekeasy @marinakukso (moderator) @bryanparker2014 (mayoral candidate) @OKcouncil @davidcolburn @HodariToure_PhD @jbcastle2

Don't forget! #mayor2014 #oakmtg debate talk Wed 6 pm on twitter! We will discuss a city issue. What topic interests you? #Oakland

Responses to marketing tweets on 1/6-7

“@AdamInOakland: @tdlove5 I'd like to know which candidate most strongly favors dog parks.”

“@OaklandPrivacy: @tdlove5 #DAC surveillance. #mayor2014 #oakmtg”

“@guelo: @tdlove5 gentrification. SF is down to 3% black population. Is that the future you want for Oakland?”

“@KnowlandPark: Knowland Park MT“@tdlove5: #mayor2014 #oakmtg debate talk Wed 6 pm on twitter will discuss a city issue. What topic interests you? #Oakland””

“@RedwoodGirl: @tdlove5 How about unemployment? Story in the SF BusinessTimes says the official rate in Oakland is 10.4%, unofficial probably double that.”

“@miloscamrobb: level of interest in being a council member...seems current crop rarely wants to be there, esp during public comment #oakmtg @tdlove5”

Tweets on discussion: at 6pm 1/8

“@vielmetti: tuning in to #oakmtg from Ann Arbor, MI to see how a mayoral debate would look like online; we use #a2council for a similar purpose”

“@mike_ubell: .@tdlove5 Wondering how I missed the survey till yesterday? was it posted on #oakmtg?”

“@geekeasy: @tdlove5 #oakmtg #mayor2014  #DAC #DAC #DAC!”

“@marinakukso: @mike_ubell @tdlove5 Survey's been open for quite some time - apologies you missed it! Details at

“@marinakukso: If you miss anything, add more responses & suggestions at #oakmtg #oakland”

“@marinakukso: 2014 is a mayoral election year in #oakland. What issues would you like candidates to address in a twitter debate? Participate now w/#oakmtg”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso Public Safety is top priority. #oakmtg”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso Budgeting intersects with all issues.  How would they allocate the budget? #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: I'll tweet a # of topics. Pls reply w/suggested issues you'd like to have candidates address w/in those topics. #oakmtg”

“@vielmetti: 2014 is also a mayoral election in #annarbor so the #oakmtg structure is very interesting (even if issues are different)”

“@bryanparker2014: @tdlove5 and @greenkozi  I am here @bryanparker2014  #oakmtg”

“@bryanparker2014: @tdlove5 agree equity issue vital #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: great to have a candidate join us!! RT @bryanparker2014: @tdlove5 and @greenkozi  I am here @bryanparker2014  #oakmtg”

“@OKcouncil: @marinakukso @tdlove5 Suggested topic: role of the Ethics Commission and opinion on the creation of an Oakland Ethics Ordinance. #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: #oakland residents: we're discussing topics mayoral candidates should discuss at debates- join us with hashtag #oakmtg!”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso T1: 1) How does OPD gain the trust of the community? 2) how many officers should we have? 3) how do we get there? #oakmtg”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso T1: 4) What (new) actions would be taking to decrease (end?) violent crime? #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: current q: T2: what are key issues around economic development? #oakmtg”

@tdlove5 Re T2: Jobs! And not just jobs to DTO or Broadway. What are plans to make East #Oakland just as economically viable as Montclair? #oakmtg

“@marinakukso: T3: Affordability & representation for residents of all incomes (gentrification, diversity, opportunities for all). Key issues here? #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: Suggestions so far for add'l topics: #DAC, budget, equity in representation. #oakmtg”

“@davidcolburn: @marinakukso Gentrification. #oakmtg”

“@davidcolburn: @marinakukso Also, what will candidates do to restore residents' confidence in city's govt, which is justifiably almost nonexistent. #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: also meaningful jobs, not just menial labor or service industry. @tdlove5 #oakmtg”

“@bryanparker2014: @greenkozi @tdlove5 living wage jobs #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: Last call for T3: equity in representation/affordability & T4: good governance. #oakmtg Moving on to T5 shortly.”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso T4: How would you bring Oakland’s unfunded pension liability under control? #oakmtg”

@tdlove5 Re Unfunded liability..How wld you educate the public & council on tackling it now vs later? @mike_ubell @marinakukso #oakmtg

“@marinakukso: T5: Education. What are key issues candidates should address here? #oakmtg”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso On T5, how much control does the mayor have over education?  I’m asking this here. I don’t know. #oakmtg”

@tdlove5 T5 education..I think the mayor could be a great advocate in terms of equity and quality programs. What ideas wld a candidate have? #oakmtg

“@OKcouncil: @greenkozi @tdlove5 @marinakukso A2: Setting a higher minimum wage in Oakland. Siegel says he supports a $15 minimum wage. #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: A5: @bryanparker2014 brought this up a bit but working together w/OUSD in a meaningful way #oakmtg”

“@bryanparker2014: I propose candidates get 3 tweets to answer a question. Won't get meaningful answers in 141 characters #oakmtg”

“@vielmetti: A2: As a point of comparison, Ann Arbor has a "living wage ordinance" that applies to gov't contractors #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: T6: Open call: What issues haven't been covered? #oakmtg So far suggested: sports, #DAC, budget. Discuss q's on these or other topics.”

“@mike_ubell: .@marinakukso T6: Given a limited budget what areas would you increase spending and what areas would you decrease to pay for it? #oakmtg”

@tdlove5 T6: Sports..will has there been a health impact assessment on Coliseum City, and if not will the mayor support one? #oakmtg

“@marinakukso: T6: Please also note that you can also add your thoughts on @oaklandwiki community issues survey: #oakmtg”

“@HodariToure_PhD: Urban renewal without population displacement. Public schools revamped"@bryanparker2014: @greenkozi @tdlove5 living wage jobs #oakmtg"”

“@jbcastle2: T6: How would you reform our planning department, which is 15-20 years behind compareable cities in best practices?  #oakmtg”

@tdlove5 T6: or how do you plan to make sure your employees won't quit or look of other jobs in the middle of your term? @greenkozi #oakmtg

“@miloscamrobb: T6: are you going to pay attention to speakers during public comment? #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: @miloscamrobb #oakmtg Taking off my moderator hat to +1 this one. You might also like:

“@greenkozi: T6 i think there should be a q in there about strong mayor- how candidates envision that working, role of city admin, etc #oakmtg”

“@mike_ubell: .@greenkozi While that could just turn into an open ended campaign stmt, a tightly worded question along those lines would be good #oakmtg”

“@greenkozi: don't get me started! @tdlove5 how about: how will we make sure #oakland doesn't assume any debt from new stadium(s)? #oakmtg”

“@OKcouncil: @marinakukso Mayor appoints the city admin who does most of the day-to-day work. What kind of admin would they appoint? #oakmtg”

 @tdlove5: Ha! I think Colorado has us beat! "@miloscamrobb: T:6 What is #Oakland doing to remain at the forefront of marijuana reform? #oakmtg”

“@marinakukso: Adding my own final thought: how do we make relat. b/w city council & staff & residents collaborative instead of combative. #oakmtg”

@marinakukso: Pls keep discussion going @ & on #oakmtg. If you would like to help plan, pls add yr name on the wiki.”

“@mike_ubell: .@tdlove5 Particularly our expensively trained OPD officers.”

“@vielmetti: great #oakmtg chat gives me plenty of ideas to bring back to the #a2council group & our mayoral race”

“@geekeasy: @tdlove5 @miloscamrobb An #Oaksterdam related question seems pretty valid.  #oakmtg”

“@bryanparker2014: @marinakukso @tdlove5 @greenkozi thank you for your leadership here. @bryanparker2014 #oakmtg”

Chat 1: 12/4/2013: Discussing possible formats for the debate


The first planning chat was held on December 4th, 2013, moderated by @tdlove5. Here is the transcript:

Transcript of #oakmtg Debate Discussion Dec. 4th. 6pm.

**Text in bold are questions and statements submitted by moderator.

Contributed to discussion:  @Mike_Ubell, @greenkozi, @tdlove5 (moderator), @profcritic, @marinakukso, @bryanparker2014 (mayoral candidate) @earthgranny @boothism  @maxallstadt @diygene @thebestjasmine

Retweeted or Favoirted posts: @ak2webd3  @AspenBaker and @TheReal_MonikaBrooks,  @Victoria_Bogdan  @harryelephante @abel_guillen


Hi everyone!  My name is @tdlove5.. I will be the moderator of this discussion. #oakmtg

Ground rules. Questions and Statements or Ideas will be labeled as follows:  Q1 or I1 or S1 #oakmtg

Tweet your answer as such:  ‘ A (for Answer) Q1 ..(then your answer)’  so we can follow the discussion and post notes on OaklandWiki page. #oakmtg

Got it? (by the way, this is an example of how a twitter debate could run). #oakmtg

Oakland Candidate Bryan Parker stopped by for a few comments:

@bryanparkerforOakland #oakmtg hopefully you saw the retweets from @tdlove5 . thank you for putting this on and embracing tech as a way to get more Oakland

@tdlove5 @oaklandwiki I would consider having same time for all candidates; maybe a combination of pre known questions and live ones

@tdlove5 @oaklandwiki that way meat and potatoes gets covered and chance then for other views to be addressed too

@tdlove5 @oaklandwiki I would also suggest the candidates be in a central location with good, know working wifi

The following statements are an Update on the status of debate so far #oakmtgS1. Group decided to have two debates: 1. Live at a public location, and possibly taped for the public to watch. 2. Online via #oakmtg

 @profcritic:  S1 sounds good. Only concern re 2 = hard to give substantial answers in 140. #oakmtg

@Mike_Ubell: .@ProfCritic It would be interesting to get short answers from politicians, the questions need to be crafted carefully. #oakmtg

@profcritic: .@mike_ubell Right. Yet we need to hear more than "hire more police and invest in education." #oakmtg

S2. Questions generated via social media, via polling at least a month ahead of time. Questions voted by the public as being most important to be asked. #oakmtg

S3. Group decided to have live tweet debate in spring. Live answer debate in August. #oakmtg

                @profcritic: S3 can we partner with orgs that may have resources and ppl power? League of Women Voters? Hub O?#oakmtg

S4. Inquiries are underway to have the live debate take place either at city hall or at local school. #oakmtg

                @profcritic S4 Can all locations choices stream? #oakmtg

               @greenkozi: #oakmtg s4 this would be v. Important to find out. Also I'm getting v. Carsick

                @Profcritic: S4 Would be important to have debate translated, at least in Spanish and Cantonese? Or  Vietnamese? Not sure of demographics. #oakmtg

               @profcritic: .@mike_ubell @marina_kusko ..good points. Maybe there could be a hashtag monitor during the debate to decide which Qs? #oakmtg

                          @greenkozi: this! @ProfCritic @marinakukso @mike_ubell @tdlove5 monitor/moderator

                @marina_kusko .@mike_ubell @tdlove5 in a tweetchat i coordinated once, we had a mix. mod decided what q's to "make official" from participants. #oakmtg

               @profcritic: .@marinakukso Yes, that would definitely be a good thing to do after the Twitter debate. Maybe that is what can be translated? #oakmtg

             @Marina: . @ProfCritic @sonnylebythebay ah ha, agreed. this wld be great as something to discuss as part of outreach to key commty grps. #oakmtg

                @profcritic: .@tdlove5 I think it is worth asking Hub O if they want to host. By that time they will be in much bigger space.#oakmtg

              @tdlove5: .@ProfCritic my only concern with that is if there is a cost associated with having it at Hub Oakland. #oakmtg

              @greenkozi re S3 from @ProfCritic i like the idea of partnering w/orgs, also idea of having an "unafilliated" debate- we are no one/everyone #oakmtg


Q2. We have listed on OaklandWiki page various programs to help view a live twitter feed. Do you have ideas for other programs? #oakmtg

@boothism: @tdlove5 just saw Q2. Check Allows moderation, playback & multiple platforms.#oakmtg cheap/free

Q3. Do you think candidates should respond to twitter questions during the debate or only the predetermined questions? #oakmtg

                @Mike_Ubell .@tdlove5 A3: Do you mean random tweets from “viewers”? That would be crazy. Qs should come from moderator. #oakmtg

               @marina_Kusko . @tdlove5 A3 can try a mix of both - have some predetermined & some open. if open, who decides what the next q is? #oakmtg

               @tdlove5: .@mike_ubell @marina_kusko ..good points. Maybe there could be a hashtag monitor during the debate to decide which Qs? #oakmtg

@profcritic: .@marinakukso @mike_ubell @tdlove5 Like the idea of a mix. Monitor pulls out best/unasked questions then moderator decides. #oakmtg

@greenkozi: this! @ProfCritic @marinakukso @mike_ubell @tdlove5 monitor/moderator

@earthgranny: @tdlove5 @mike_ubell Need to prepare to be flexible. There's no control over trolls or out of order comments. #oakmtg

@greekozi: re A3 @mike_ubell @tdlove5 as suggested in live mtg, there are other platforms which allow backdoor convos, maybe could streamline + #oakmtg

Q4. Usually candidates agree to a Memo or Understanding, or rules for debate. Should we have one? Suggestions for rules? #oakmtg

      @marina_kusko . @tdlove5 Q4 timed answers seem key. not sure if we'd need other rules.. #oakmtg


       @tdlove5: What I learned about the presidential debates, an MOU was signed to solidify, time per question, who the candidates can invite, etc. #oakmtg

       @Mike_Ubell  A4: should research rules in previous Oak Mayor debates. I’m sure the candidates would want some rules.#oakmtg

        @profcritic: A4 There should definitely be rules about time etc & agreements abt conduct. Many viewers of #oakmtg are put off by Council    behavior #oakmtg

@Mike_Ubell: Who sponsored debates last mayor election? We could find their rules. #oakmtg Probably don’t need what is required for Pres. Debate

.@tdlove5 I have a LWV contact, I could see if she knows about the debates. #oakmtg  (RE my tweet about Oakland Chambers and LWV.

@maxallstadt: @EdInOakland @tdlove5 screw predetermined questions. they should all be surprises

@greekozi: process. @mike_ubell @tdlove5 alternately, find out how others do this? #oakmtg

@bryanparker2014 @tdlove5 #oakmtg yes rules. Standard debate rules fine. We should see if there are modified online rules too

 @greenkozi A4- i bet @GOPublicSchools could help us with rules/mou, etc #oakmtg

Q5. Do you think candidates should answer questions from each other, allowed rebuttals? #oakmtg

@profcritic: A5 I think we want to limit candidates dialoguing w/each other, but candidates should be allowed to submit a Q for all to answer. #oakmtg

@mike_ubell: A5: I think rebuttals will be needed but limited somehow, or we could spend forever on the first question.#oakmtg

@maxallstadt: @tdlove5 I also would like to see each candidate submit the hardest possible question they can think of to each other candidate.


Q6. How many questions should be asked? How much time should be devoted to questions? Answers? Speeches?  #oakmtg

@profcritic: A6 Link to League of Women Voters FAQ on Debates, great info in here: #oakmtg

@maxallstadt: @tdlove5 Beyond rebuttals, is it possible poll the audience to see if they think a candidate answered or evaded a question?

@maxallstadt: @tdlove5 I say 2 minute answers tops.

@earthgranny: @tdlove5 All candidates can answer each question at same time. Allow enough time for reading, then maybe let them respond to each other.

@DIYgene: @MaxAllstadt @tdlove5 given this will be #oakmtg twitter, I think that will happen even if not formally polled :-)

@maxallstadt: @DIYGene formally polling would allow us to keep a score. @tdlove5

Q8. If twitter has a response to an answer to any given question during the debate, should candidates answer? #oakmtg

                @diygene: @tdlove5 moderator should select and allow time for twitter-based questions for each candidate

                @earthgranny: @tdlove5 Since all #oakmtg tweets will be visible, folks can comment if there is a demand for more answers.

                @marinakusko. @tdlove5 i have to run, but A8: i think we should figure out what mod's role will be. this is something mod can determine potentially


Q9 Should there be more than one debate each on a different issue? #oakmtg We could do those live.

                @Marinakusko: . @tdlove5 A9 we can see what level of commty interest we get from call for q's and then see if multiple debates are warranted.

                @profcritic: A9 What other debates are in the works with other community orgs? #oakmtg

                @ionecha @marinakukso @ProfCritic @tdlove5 Tons of groups do debates every election, but generally nobody schedules them until after filing deadline

Q10 Should #oakmtg have a Facebook page so folks can follow on facebook? What about google plus? #oakmtg

                @profcritic: A10 More ppl are on FB than Twitter so maybe? #oakmtg

                @marinakusko: A10 @tdlove5 i don't have time to maintain something like this, but if others are interested, don't see a problem with it. #oakmtg

Q11. The group decided we should have a #oakmtg participant be a moderator. Who should it be? #oakmtg

                @marinakusko A11 @tdlove5 ^_^ #oakmtg

                @earthgranny: @tdlove5 That's obviously you, dear.

                @thebestjasmine: @tdlove5 YOU

Other comments:

@profcritic: How will the #oakmtg debate be different from these other debates? @tdlove5

@tdlove5: .@ProfCritic Usually, cmty orgs submit their own questions based off of their issue.They also won't be interacting with social media #oakmtg

@marinakusko: A9 @ProfCritic @tdlove5 looks like action item to discover the schedule of other planned debates & see if we can collaborate. #oakmtg

@tdlove5: .@ProfCritic my goal is to have it be televised on KTOP, which is why I wanna have it at city hall. That way everyone can see it. #oakmtg

@profcritic: RT @Earthgranny@ProfCritic United Seniors usually does a candidate's forum. #oakmtg